Asymmetric Investing – FAUG

First Trust has launched a series ETFs providing buffered exposure to SPY as of their target “maturity dates” in November (DNOV, FNOV), February (DFEB,FFEB), May (DMAY, FMAY) and August (DAUG, FAUG). I write today about the August series, focusing first on FAUG with a “maturity date” of August 21. As background, the return caps and … Read more Asymmetric Investing – FAUG

The “Three Fund” Portfolio Part 6 – Alternatives

In the first five parts of this series, we have looked at a traditional strategic allocation. Today we will examine how alternative investments can improve portfolio performance. I have found that a 25% allocation spread out over several outstanding alternative mutual funds (public hedge funds) can improve returns and boost risk-adjusted performance dramatically.  I have curated … Read more The “Three Fund” Portfolio Part 6 – Alternatives

Cash Back Strategies – BOA Cash Rewards

BOA Cash Rewards serves as a cornerstone of my cash back strategy. Several perks make this card lucrative to have. Sign Up Bonus First, the card comes with a $200 sign up bonus on the first $1,000 of spend, which is a 20% return. Second, the card comes in five different versions. Some versions are … Read more Cash Back Strategies – BOA Cash Rewards